A little about me...

Hello! My name is Cara & I'm so pleased you found your way to my flowery world known as "The Enchanted Flower"

I simply adore flowers & have been likened to a wild flower myself! It all started as a young girl in my Granny's gorgeous garden, where I'd spend hours playing with the flowers in my own little enchanted world. I'd pluck foxgloves for my fingernails, pick lambs ears to create fairy ears & top it all off with a flower crown.. I'd then dance around the garden in true fairy princess style! Nowadays, not much has changed really, except for my desire to share my flowery world with you lovely folk.

My true love lies in the natural world, surrounded by plantlife & animal kin. I've been lucky enough to have jobs which have allowed me to work in this environment as a stuffy office just wouldn't do.. I'd wilt! I previously worked in animal welfare for many years, where I first witnessed the healing power of medicinal plants with the rescued horses. This led me to start growing my own herbs, vegetables & flowers where I am to this day simply blown away by the power of plant magic & the effect they have on our wellbeing.


Hungry to learn more about plants, I began to work as a gardener where I was given the opportunity to re-establish a very old Rose Garden in a stately home.. This is where my undying love of Roses was born. Their evocative beauty and scent was like nectar to me & I couldn't get enough of them. I started collecting the petals to dry & made posies to sell in the hope I'd raise funds to buy more roses. It was around this time I decided I wanted to learn more about arranging the beautiful blooms I was growing, so I enrolled on a career change course in floristry at The Sussex Flower School.. I enjoyed every moment of my training & before the course was over, Id already set up my business & hosted my first successful pop up shop!


After having so much fun with the pop up shop.. I wanted to do more, so the search for a workshop shop began. Knowing that a hughstreet shop just wasn't for me, I asked the universe for something suitable. The next day  I got the news that an old shepherds hut needed a new home pronto & was going cheap! A workshop on wheels for this free-spirited soul was just perfect and even more perfect was that I could keep it at my most favourite nursery "Great Park Farm".


I so enjoyed opening my hut to the lovely people who visited to get their weekly bouquet or posy. I was living the dream.. spending my days  playing with and talking to people about flowers! I noticed a beautiful exchange going on with my customers.. I received kind comments about my floristry work which gave me confidence to grow my business and they were clearly getting so much enjoyment from the flowers they received. Hearing countless stories that would leave me with no doubt about the powerful healing qualities of flowers was real food for the soul. They connect us so quickly and easily to the natural world.. for this reason I truly believe they are an absolute essential part of our wellbeing.

Feeling held and much braver in my flowery world, I began to take on the job of flowering peoples special day. Being a wedding florist was not on my radar as I'm a fairly fuss-free girl myself, but it was as if just the right jobs were being sent my way. I was getting brides who had seen my natural styling and shared my love of seasonal flowers and wanted just that for their weddings.. Perfect!

Since my wedding work has taken off and the birth of my gorgeous little boy, I sadly don't get the time to open my shepherds hut to the public anymore. I do however get to flower some of the most gorgeous weddings imaginable, working one to one with couples to help make their special day beautiful.. it's a very magical experience indeed.

I am also currently working  with my dear friend and fabulous flower grower Zelie from The Homegrown Company. Together we are able to combine both of our skills in growing sensational seasonal bloom & styling them in an organic free flowing way to offer our brides a truly wonderful service. We are both environmentally conscious, using flowers that are grown and not flown and are doing our best to work without pesticides, plastic and floral foam.  Please take a look at my wedding page to read more about this.

Anyway, thats more than enough about me and what I've been up to . I want to hear about you! Tell me how I can make your every flower dream come true..

Much Love

Cara xxx 

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